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Friday, May 09, 2008

Toyota Maintenace

I was driving to work this morning when my "MAINT REQ'D" light came on. I'm old enough to have grown up with the "OIL" light being the primary dashboard light. When your "OIL" light came on, that meant you had seconds to get your engine stopped before doing serious damage. Take your time, and your engine will seaze up. So when a light come on, I have that brainwashed feeling of panic that it's important. With my Nissan, I learned that the "CHK ENG" light typically meant that the O2 sensor was whacky because I had not tightened the gas cap enough.
Immediately after seeing the "MAINT REQ'D" light, I noticed that my odometer was reading exactly 5000 miles. That told me that this was probably some stupid maintenance thing.
Sure enough, I do a web search and there are a zillion hits on how to turn this stupid light off. It turns out that you are supposed to reset it after an oil change, so that it will remind you to do the next oil change. Apparently the non-dealer garage that I had my oil change done at, is not familiar with this feature.

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