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Saturday, February 16, 2008

Peace of Mind costs $40

Things were going fine last week. I was doing my exercises, getting more flexibility. Then, on Thursday, I felt like a bee stung the back of my hand. Some of the same exercises suddenly caused the same pain. Also, I could now SEE the end of the pin in my hand, at least I could see it poking up under the skin, apparently trying to break through.
This being MY RIGHT HAND, I lean toward not taking chances on getting it working again. I was afraid that, if something went wrong, I could be doing damage to it in the ten days until I see my doctor again. So, I called his office and got an appointment for the next day.
More time off work. I drive down. They take another set of x-rays. He looks at them. He examines my hand.
He tells me that everything is fine. He thinks that it's just that the swelling has reduced, tightening the skin. Three great Dr quotes:
We may have to take out the pin sooner than we thought.

Don't let anything press directly on it. {Remember, the slightest touch causes excruciating pain}

If it comes through the skin, call me. I want to know about it.

The visit cost me $40, but I would have been freaked out until my next visit, so I guess it was worth it.

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