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Monday, May 12, 2008

Everybody has their limits

Yesterday, we took the girls down to Atlanta for a day at Piedmont park. They had a great time. It was a perfect, sunny day. Mrs Schwartz beamed like a new mom. They had more fun just walking around the park, than being in the "dog park" section of the park. Especially for Susan, they are too young for that many, larger dogs. We ended up picking her up and carrying her out. Janet had a ball.
After a full day in the sun, we went to a bar in Little 5 points that allows dogs on the outdoor patio. As we sat there, a little girl came over to pet the puppies. We encourage interaction because we want to socialize them.
So girl is practically joining us for lunch. She's sitting with us, she's climbing under the table.
Her parents called her back over, but she returned a short time later with a baseball cap in her hand. While she was petting Susan, she put the baseball cap on Susan's head, effectively covering her whole head. I heard her make a low growl under the cap. The little girl took off the hat and everything seemed ok.
Then the girl returned a third time. In hind sight, I did notice Susan looking at her a little wierd. Like she was a little scared, but it didn't register at the time, besides, Susan has never been anything but a big love-sponge wuss.
When the girl reached for her, Susan let out one of those bark/growl/snaps that say "I'm tired of your shit. Get the fuck away from me" We all jumped. The little girl jumped back, startled. Her parents called her back over to their table. We talked with the mom as they were leaving a few minutes later. Everybody seemed to be on the same page. The dog is tired, and 'grumpy'. The woman said her dog does the same thing when it's tired. That was nice of her.



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