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Wednesday, November 12, 2008

Stupid Medical System

I get a prescription for a NSAID, called indomethacin, to treat my gout. Since I don't get very many gout attacks, I don't use the anti-inflammatories very often.
I think the last time I got a bottle was last Christmas. Now I am near the end of it, so I have to call my doctor, leave a message, check back between my doctor and the pharmacy, generally re-call the doctor because the desk monkey didn't bother to do her job, etc, etc.

It's just stupid. Thank goodness I don't really need them. I'd be in trouble.

That's part of the stupidity, though. It's an anti-inflammatory. We're not talking codein here, and we're not talking about antibiotics. I can not think of a reason why NSAIDs are not sold over the counter.

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