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Thursday, February 12, 2009

Back outa whack

I must have slept wrong on Saturday night, because I woke up on Sunday with my lower spine feeling like a disk was slipping out.
We went to Piedmont park on Sunday, so I thought, "Either walking around all day is going to fix my back or break it." Well, it broke it.
Monday and Tuesday, I was having a tough time doing anything. I obviously skipped aikido and layed on the couch on a heating pad.
I used my inversion table, which seemed to help a little.
By Wednesday, I was fed up with it, so I kept a hot pack on it all day at work and periodically did stretching exercises.
Wednesday night, I got on the inversion table again and kind of wiggled around while I was upside down.
That seems to have done it. I felt much better afterwards and still feel good this morning. I used it again before work while we watched the end of Mighty Joe Young (the original).

That inversion table is a God-send for anybody with disk problems.

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