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Friday, April 10, 2009

Life is Good

I set aside last night to finish the roof repair. After I saw that it was still leaking, I couldn't pinpoint how the water was getting in. At that time, I added some more tar around some areas that I thought might help.
I assumed that I'd be spending hours of misery last night, only to discover that my earlier repair has apparently worked. No more leak.

I set aside this morning to finally do the taxes. Well, they're done. Because of MRS Schwartz barely working all year, we made little enough to be part of the poor, downtrodden poor. (Thanks, Obama!) While the rich are getting screwed, we are getting back a few grand.

Just one thing. So I OVERPAY my taxes in 2007, getting no interest money for floating Uncle Sam a loan; then the gubmint gives me the money back AND I get taxed AGAIN on that same money?! Quite a racket you got there.

Happy Zombie Jesus Weekend.



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