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Tuesday, August 11, 2009

There are rules, and there are rules

This morning, I was walking the dogs through the development across the street from the house. I remember when this development was first built. We had moved in just before it was finished. They had strict rules from the Home Owners' Association. You know the type; you can't add this or that to the outside of your house, etc. I remember one of the rules was that you couldn't park any of your cars on the street. All your cars had to fit in your garage or in your driveway, and these McMansions have tiny little driveways.
Over time, I started to notice that people were trying to cram more cars into the driveways, often overhanging into the street.
This morning, I saw that there were cars parked all over the street. There were still many people cramming four cars into their driveways, but many others have just given up.
My friend Mike was looking for an apartment about two weeks ago. When he answered an ad, he was surprised to find that it was at a house in that development that was renting the whole house out to tenants. There were four, single men living there.
(Also against HOA rules)
It reminded me of when we were looking for an apartment years ago. We had a hell of time finding one because we had a Dalmatian that weighed about 60 lbs. All the complexes had strict limits of 25 lbs for dogs. We eventually gave away the dog and moved into one of the strictest. Within a year, the entire area was filled with competing complexes. We started seeing bigger and bigger dogs. One of the people in our building tied up a HUGE rottweiler to their deck on the ground floor.

Supply and demand has a way of bending the rules.



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