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Saturday, August 08, 2009

Union Lies /Thugs

As they say, tapes don't lie.
Here is the video, taken from the SEIU website, stating that the union is all bunnies and rainbows. All those stories of union thuggery are made up by evil right wing interest groups. They have pinned their argument around a story that a reverend and union member was actually the victim of teabagger violence. Their evidence is at the end of the propaganda video.

Ok, here's the video of the same event:

Looks like purple is the new brown! That really makes me want to support card check, so union thugs will know if they need to motivate me into supporting them. Several of the comments on they SEIU blog were, "Why were only people from our organization arrested?" Gee, I wonder.

Several hundred people protested at a rally outside SEIU headquarters.



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