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Tuesday, September 22, 2009

4th Amendment? What 4th Amendment?

Just a couple more bricks in the wall.

Officers’ New Tool Against D.W.I.: Syringe
“I was looking at people’s arms and hands, thinking, ‘I could draw from that,’ ” Officer Dowell said.
Once they are back on patrol in Nampa, in southwestern Idaho, they will draw blood from any suspected drunken driver who refuses a breath test. They will use force if necessary, including getting help from another officer to pin down a suspect, Ms. Watson said.

SJC OK’s secret use of GPS devices
The Supreme Judicial Court ruled yesterday that the state constitution allows police to break into a suspect’s car to secretly install tracking devices using a global positioning system, provided that authorities have a warrant before they do so.
The court said that using GPS devices as an investigative tool, which can require police to secretly break into a vehicle to install the device, does not violate the ban on unreasonable search and seizure in the state’s Declaration of Rights.

The SJC said the devices can be installed for up to 15 days before police must show why the devices need to remain in place.



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