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Friday, February 05, 2010


Anybody been catching Caprica, on SyFy? I saw the pilot and some of the 2nd episode. So far, it's a pretty cool concept, especially the way they have explained the creation of the Ceylons.

Basically, young people go into a cyber world, where they interact with other people online. Like World of Warcraft, except there it's much more realistic-looking and they log in with a little 3-D headset, that looks like it directly beams into your brain.
One teenage girl gets the idea of basically "Googling" herself and accumulating all the information on herself that's been collected over the years; everything from school records to ATM cameras. In this SyFy world there are far more "Big Brother" devices than here on earth. She creates an avatar of herself from this and dumps it into the "World of Warcraft"-type online cyber game.
Then she gets killed, but her avatar lives on in cyberspace. Her father finds out about it and, missing his dead daughter, logs on and interacts with her. After a while, he decides he wants her in the real world and downloads her avatar into the first Ceylon.

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