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Friday, March 19, 2010

Crazy Pills

From NPR
As lawsuits against Toyota mount, attorneys are lining up for a leading role in the class-action lawsuits against the automaker.
Many plaintiffs claim that Toyota's problems in its recall of several models have driven down the resale value of Toyotas they own.

SIEGEL: And first, how many lawsuits, or how many class action lawsuits around the country are there against Toyota nowadays?

Ms. SEARCEY: Well, I think there are roughly about 80 seeking class action status, and most of those have to do with some accusing the company of making the value of owners' cars go down because of the recalls.


So now a days, you sell a product, and if anything happens that might reduce the value of that product after the sale, it is cause for you to sue to get your money for the difference.

How utterly absurd.

The floodgates that this opens up are beyond measure. What could this do to the stock market? 401k's ?

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