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Saturday, November 19, 2005

Is Zarqawi following the Megalomaniac Path?

I read today that Abu Musab al-Zarqawi has posted an audio tape on one of those terrorist websites. In the tape, he says how he did not intend to blow up a muslim wedding.
There's no question that he is posting what amounts to an apology, as a result of the huge protests that are going on in Jordan. It appears that the "muslim street" is none too happy with being on the receiving end of a C4 vest. Terrorists aren't supposed to kill innocent muslims, ya see.
Thousands demonstrated in Jordan, shouting "Al-Zarqawi, you coward." and carrying banners that read "Al-Zarqawi, you are the enemy of God."
In Zarqawi's home town, many residents denounced him, saying that he had lost any sympathy he had there.
This is pretty big news. It got me thinking that maybe (hopefully) Zarqawi had bitten off more than he could chew. Not that the US military isn't already a lot to chew, but Zarqawi's existence is dependant on his getting support from the Arab street. He needs that support to hide him, transport him, fund him, as well as a ton of other logistical support.
I'm hoping that he has done what previous megalomaniacs have done. They get to thinking that they are invincible, and that they are destined to conquer the world.
Like Napolean, and then Hitler, invading Russia, Bin Laden started bombings in Saudi Arabia and now Zarqawi has started bombings in Jordan. There's no question that he's losing support in Iraq. Nobody likes living with the possibility of being collateral damage and most muslims aren't comforted by the idea that they died as an accidental casualty of the jihad.
Now the countries of Yemen, Saudi Arabia, Qatar, Libya, and even the Palestinians, are complaining about al queda.
Of course, what they say in english isn't what they say in arabic, but it's a start. The most important part is that the mob has started expressing a different opinion.


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