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Monday, March 17, 2008

Top O' the Mornin'

This'll be a pretty boring St Pat's post. Fair warning.

We sat around pretty much all weekend. That's probably a good thing since a tornado went through downtown Atlanta on Friday night. I think we were watching a Netflix movie, so we didn't even know about it until Saturday. Then on Saturday, another tornado came through north of us. All we saw of it was some serious hail; the biggest I've personally seen. I was on the phone with my aunt, telling her how we had survived friday's tornado, when it began. We all stood on the front porch and watched my brand new truck getting pounded by hail. Fortunately, no visible dents.
Mrs Schwartz has been feeling crappy with girl problems for a couple of days, so she just lied around the house, either sleeping or being crabby.
The guy I was planning on drinking with, got stuck downtown due to the tornado.
I unpacked the bench sander that I had bought back in December.
I tried to trim the front bush, but it required two good hands, so I gave up.
I'm going to need to mow the lawn soon.



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