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Friday, March 14, 2008

Hand update

Well, I went to see my surgeon on Monday. The original plan was that he was going to schedule a date to get the pin removed from my hand. Instead, he looked at the X-rays and decided that we should leave the pin in place until the next checkup, which isn't until April 1st (I know).

This sucks. The good news is that he is VERY impressed with the range of motion that I have. If I loosen it up first, I can pretty much make a fist. Even the rotation has improved considerably.

When Ilsa heard the news, she decided to cut back on the PT to once a week. My hand has full range of motion, although I can't both make a fist and bend my wrist forward at the same time. Not even a few degrees.

The thing is, I can't do PT to improve that until I get the pin out. The way it was worded to me is, "Dragging your tendon back and forth across that hunk of metal could do irreparable damage to it."

That's also the reason why I have not gone back to aikido. I'm sticking with my original decision to not go back until after I get the pin out.

Another wonderful bonus is that my latest Xrays show that part of the pin in my hand (a cap, he said) has come loose and is floating in my hand.

The Doc wasn't worried about it unless it suddenly inflames. Then I'm supposed to call him to get it out.

I got a copy of my post-bionic X-ray, although this copy is before the pin cap came loose:



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