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Friday, November 21, 2008

Energy independance

The democrat freefall has begun. That idiot, Waxman (of Beverly Hills) has been elected to run the House Energy and Commerce committee. That'll be great. We can look forward to plenty of moronic global warming BS, further crippling our economy.

Meanwhile, the Fruits and Nuts Mecca, San Fransisco, has announced it's going to be the electric car capital. I'm going to look forward to the video of the EVs running out of juice halfway up those cliffs SF calls streets.

And then, this morning, NPR does a story on electric cars. They point out that the materials for the batteries come from other countries that are arguably even worse than the middle east.
Lithium-ion batteries require large amounts of cobalt, which comes primarily from the war-torn Democratic Republic of Congo, Tibet and Siberia.
Lithium comes from Bolivia.
Lead Acid is still out there, but it doesn't have the energy density, it's heavy, and lead is banned from most products anyway.

All that, and there currently aren't any batteries that will last 100K miles. Nobody says how frequently the batteries will need to be replaced, at what cost, or what environmental impact that will have.

One guy wisely pointed out that governments shouldn't put all their eggs in one technology's basket. That makes sense, except that it's going to be hard to standardize around anything when there is no standard in use. How do you get EV plug-in stations when there are so many Hydrogen cell cars, or ethanol, or whatever else. How much are lithium ion batteries going to cost when half the cars are using nickel metal hydride?

But then again, good luck getting the federal government to NOT try to paint the country with one, broad brush. Standardization is what it does.

Either way, the liberal seem to be right on track to screwing things up.

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