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Sunday, February 07, 2010

Gun Show

I'm in the market for a new shotgun for the house. Since I'd expect Mrs Schwartz to handle it as well, I'm leaning towards either a 16 or 20 gauge. Since it will remain loaded for extended periods of time, I'm thinking a pump is best. I'd prefer to not have a shell chambered all the time with a retracted firing pin. I grew up with an Ithaca Model 37. It's a great gun.
So we went to a gun show yesterday. It seems that the Taurus Judge is the new Belle of the ball; everybody was selling it. This revolver fires either a .410 shotgun round or a .45 caliber pistol round. I was explaining this to the Missus when some hick overheard me and felt the need to chime in with, "Ya better load the 45 round, cause that 410 round'll jus piss um off." I've heard morons say this line more times than I can count. Look, I've never shot anyone, so I'm guessing here, but I think getting shot with five 00 buck balls would suck.
I used to carry a Walther PPK, which has a .380 load. A hick at my work said the same thing, "That'll jus pissumoff." I said, "Fine, how about we go out into the parking lot and I'll shoot you three or four times and see if it pisses you off." He shut up.
Extensive testing on stopping power, done by the military during WW2, showed that it was far more important WHERE you shot someone, than with what. A .22 into the brain stopped just as well as blowing out half the skull. Basically, you had to hit the central nervous system (brain and spine) or the long bones of the legs. (I think the heart, too, but I couldn't find my book)
If you want to be sure to reach the organs, to kill, you need a minimum 9mm, but that doesn't help stopping power; it just means the "shootee" dies in a few minutes.
So we're looking at some Mossberg shotguns; military-style with the black finish.
Mrs Schwartz: "That's ugly. If someone broke into the house, I couldn't shoot them with that."
Exador: "You'd rather die than be caught holding that gun?"
Mrs S: "Yes"

She didn't like the Model 37s because of the pump grip; it's not fancy enough.
Mrs S:"Can we get it with a nicer handle?"

Overall, it was an exercise in futility because I don't have $400 for what is essentially a luxury item. Our current guns are sufficient for home defense. I just wanted the shotgun for a little extra bang.

On the upside, she got a key chain in the shape of a pistol. When you cock the hammer, a little blade switches out. $2.


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