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Monday, March 27, 2006

Illegal Immigration Solution

With all the brouhaha over fighting illegal immigration, I came up with a solution. President Bush has proposed that we start a guest worker program. One of the biggest negatives about that is that it amounts to an amnesty for those already here. Even worse, we already tried the amnesty route, and it resulted in thousands more illegals running across the border to take advantage of it.
My solution is simple. We begin a guest worker program, but the only place to get certified for the program is either at the border, or at the US embassy in your home country.
Not only does this solution not encourage more border jumping, it forces those illegals that are already here to go back to the border, or to their home country. The reason it will force them, is that they will be forced to compete for work with laborers that have gone through the program.
It may create a new, lower rung in the black market work force. But again, the competition will force them to either take even lower pay, or get their butts to the border.

It's perfect! Well, almost.


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