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Friday, May 05, 2006

5 of Mayonaise?

I'm getting old. I had not planned on going out drinking tonight. Not just because I'm sure the booze stormtroopers are out with their roadblocks, but because I have shit to do early tomorrow.
Mrs Schwartz and I went to my favorite watering hole for dinner. She had successfully negotiated at work for good money, working out of the home (after she moves back into the home), so it was a night of celebration.
We get there, and there's a flyer that they are having OPEN BAR from 8 until 9. I can put most bars out of business with 60 minutes of free drinking, so I confirmed with our server (another hottie, by the way). Yes, she confirmed, all well-drinks are FREE!!!! for an hour.
A few years ago, I would've run over my grandmother to get to that. Tonight? We finished our meal. We watched the 12th cop cruise through the parking lot.
We decided that drinks at home were about $1 each and it would be better to just go home MINUTES before the open bar started. We LITERALLY passed crowds of guys as we left, and they entered, at the beginning of the open bar.
I console myself with the knowledge that I'm not currently in jail, and many young folks will be before the sun comes up.

UPDATE: Monday, 05/06/06
We went back for lunch yesterday. It turns out that at about 2AM, Saturday morning,

1) A naked woman was "fingering herself" on the out door deck of the bar.
2) This instigated a huge, bench clearing fight that involved a dozen people and broke the front door of the bar, before the police arrived, I'm guessing, in force.

I'm SO glad I went home.


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