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Friday, April 14, 2006

The Turning Point

I've been thinking lately about the various assaults on what would be considered traditionally "American", which is really doublespeak for what is 'traditional Anglo-Saxon White".
By Assaults, I mean the riots/protests in favor of latinos taking over a good chunk of the southwest, and the recent "we're-supposed-to-be-nice-to-

I am a member of this demographic. I'm white, Irish, an engineer. I live in the suburbs. You don't get any whiter than me.

Let me tell you this: My demographic has a recent history of being one of the most receptive, accepting groups in world history. This is what makes terrorists so happy. For people who live in the past, this illiterate, bearded group of camel-fuckers have not looked beyond 100 years in the past.
My demographic burned so many people in Europe, that it is was described as "a forest" of burning people.
What I'm getting at here, is that my demographic is soft. We've had things easy for so long that we are unhistorically kind.
But this same people have a history of committing acts of barbarity and cruelty unrivaled in world history.

All we need is to cross that line.

You think I'm kidding. I'm not.

At some point, the people of this country, primarily white, will decide that all this "just politics" bullshit is actually going to harm their children, and then they will decide that it's perfectly ok with them to kill EVERYBODY in the middle east.

And that is exactly what they will demand their leaders do.

Watch what happens if a nuke is detonated here. Soccer moms across the country will demand that Mecca gets nuked.

Our robo-politicians will do it. They'll do whatever they're told, if they're told by enough voters.

Martin Luther King Jr did amazing work on the idealogical side of the civil rights movement, but the black Panthers (and I have a lot of problems with those thugs) carried things to a new level with a show of force.

If things continue, there will come a time that everyday people have had enough, and start carrying guns. It's not going to be good.

Mrs Schwartz was at a store on the day of the illegal alien protest. She said she was at the checkout and there were 30 people in line. Next to them was an open lane with a latino girl working the register. The customers refused to go through her line. The manager came up and told people to come over to that line. They refused. Mrs Schwartz went through her line. The girl was quick and efficient. I asked her, "Could there be some other reason that everyone refused to go through her line, other than her being latino?" She said "No, no chance".

There are two ANTI-illegal immigration protests now scheduled in Atlanta.; one on Sunday and another on Monday.

The Judeo-Christian tradition is very binary. God/Devil, Good/Evil.
Woe be to the group that is categorized as evil.


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