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Sunday, May 07, 2006

If I build it, he will come.

Whoever the hell, He is. Anyway, I rented a rear-tine tiller and tilled up my front yard. Yes, I done plowed under my crop. It's about a half an acre. It took me a couple hours.
You see, my yard has been filled with weeds since I bought the house. Every year, I listen to grass gurus, who say, "It's too late in the year to plant grass", I don't do anything. The yard got worse. Now it's all weeds. I decided to start over. I bought a 50 lbs sack of grass seed and some hay.
Unfortunately, I was beat from tilling and put off the seeding until today, hoping to beat the rain. It poured last night. I tried to seed after the rain, but I sank ankle-deep in mud.


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