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Saturday, February 02, 2008

Bunifa, Can I get Some Service Over Here?

I've had a shitty day. I've gone from one dipshit to another. They all happened to be fat, slow, black women, who all appeared to be incredibly inconvenienced by my presence at their place of work.

It started at Waffle House. It took an hour to get us a waffle, eggs, grits, and cold toast.

We then went to the first car dealer. The 'sales person' assigned to us had no knowledge of her cars, what was on the lot, or what differentiates a four-door, extended cab, V-6, automatic pickup from a two-door, standard cab, 4-cylinder, stickshift pickup. Even after repeatedly explaining the difference, she showed us one after another of the wrong one.

We left.

From there, we went to the credit union to get the financing check, so I'd have it ready for the dealer we were planning on buying from in the first place. Mrs Schwartz had spent the day researching and negotiating over the phone. Bless her, she's far more than I deserve.

There were two identical women working in their little offices at the bank. There were seven people waiting in front of me for these women to finish with the people they were working with. After 30 minutes, one of the waiting people were able to go in and talk to one of these two women.

We left.



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