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Thursday, March 06, 2008

Current Events

I dropped my cell phone into a bowl of water and it still works! Must be all that prayin' I been doin'.

I can pretty much make a fist with my right hand, although my finger is still REALLY swollen. Ilsa thinks that the screws are irritating something in my finger (duh!).
I'm scheduled to see the surgeon on Tuesday for a checkup and to schedule getting the pin out. Ilsa says my mobility is great and I should take it easy (shocking!). There is a risk if I overdo it. Since I still have a hunk of metal in my hand, I shouldn't drag my tendon back and forth over it more than necessary.
I'm putting off aikido until after the pin comes out.

Mrs Schwartz goes into the dentist today to get a tooth pulled that has made her life miserable for years. It has repeatedly gotten infected for years, causing excruciating pain in her facial nerve. Yank it! She'll finally be able to get off the anitbiotics, which make her sick.

The pups are getting better, although they are still demons from hell. It's only their cuteness that saves them.

I've been doing a lot of mechanical design work, since we are a small company.



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