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Friday, July 11, 2008

Alleged Insurance Fraud

A friend told me this story last night.

We got to talking about car accidents we'd had. He said that a few years ago, he was driving down the highway, when a car in front of his lost a wheel. The entire wheel came off the lugs and flipped end over end. He hit it while it was flat and it stopped his truck dead. He said he was looking through the windshield at the pavement; his truck was pointing that much down. He came to a stop, and got out. He was talking with a semi driver who also got caught up in the accident. The tire came off of a beatup van filled with latino men, none of whom spoke english. Immediately after the accident, the men were frantically trying to put a spare tire on their van. (To leave the scene, perhaps?) The lugs were damaged, so they discovered they were stuck. It took a while for the cops to arrive. During that time, a truck drove up to the scene and a latino man jumped out. "That guy's going to claim to be the driver because he has a license and insurance.", said the semi driver to my friend. "I've seen this before."

After the cop arrives, he asks, "Ok, who was driving?"

Sure enough, Mr Tardy raises his hand. My friend says, "Officer, if there's one thing I know, it's that THAT guy was not driving. We saw him pull up after the accident." The cop takes my friend and the semi driver to his squad car and puts them in the back seat.

He says to them, "Look, here's the deal. Either you can agree that THAT guy was the driver and get your damages covered. I've checked the guy's insurance and it's good. Or you can say it was one of the other guys and never see a dime. It's your call."

So my friend agreed it was the guy who claimed it was him and got his truck replaced.

Allegedly. Or I could have made the whole story up.

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