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Monday, December 01, 2008

The official Beginning of Xmas season

Overall, it was a pretty slow Thanksgiving weekend.

We had found an irish pub that was offering Thanksgiving dinner for $4.95/person, so we were planning on going there. By 1:30 Thursday afternoon, Mrs Schwartz was starving. We went to the bar, only to discover that they didn't open until 4pm. So we went to Kroger, got some meatloaf and sides, and ate at home. Later that evening, we were still too full to justify going out to eat.

My gout flared up a week ago, and simply refuses to go away. I've barely had a drink of anything other than cherry juice. I've been popping NSAIDs like tik-tacs. It just won't go away.

At least my head cold has finally gone away. Mrs Schwartz hasn't quite kicked hers yet.

I doubt we'll decorate for Xmas, since we won't be in town for the big day.

Janet ate my shaving brush, so I am currently sporting a "Don Johnson" beard.

I helped a friend attempt to run some network wiring yesterday, only to end in futility. We drilled through about 8 inches of floor joist, after buying the extra long drill bit, only to run into something else blocking our path about a foot further down the wall. I recomended going wireless.

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