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Monday, April 13, 2009

Perfect, right up until...

We had an absolutely great weekend. We drove to Birmingham to see Wicked again. The drive was great, the show was great. Just perfect.
Sunday, we had plenty of beer stocked, submitted the taxes, and I mowed the lawn with the freshly tuned-up lawnmower. The tuneup was easier than I thought and it runs like a dream now.
I had to practice aikido for an upcoming belt test. I've asked Mrs Schwartz to be my attacker, promising not to follow through on any of the techniques. To put it mildly, she has been hesitant. Yesterday, she came out to offer her help.
We made it through the first few techniques, then something happened.
All I did was pat down her hand and hold her hand and shoulder. Somehow, this pinched a nerve in her neck. She got a flash of pain through her eye socket (I know!), her hand went numb, and she couldn't move her neck.
Fortunately, most of that went away pretty quickly, but the poor thing is still suffering. She insists I hit her multiple times. At last check, she is still having trouble moving her neck.

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