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Tuesday, July 14, 2009

Bummer, Dude

Gwinnett police nab more than a ton of pot

A drug bust by Gwinnett police in cooperation with the federal Drug Enforcement Administration has uncovered more than 2,000 pounds of Mexican-grown marijuana, Gwinnett police said Tuesday.

Authorities found the drugs in a tractor trailer in Doraville and arrested five suspects between July 2 and July 11.

The 2,462 pounds of marijuana, which could set a new record for the Gwinnett police department, was transported from Mexico to a suite on Weaver Way between Buford Highway and Best Friend Road.

Four men were charged with felony drug trafficking: Edilberto Gijon-Jimenez, of Atlanta; Ramon Hernandez-Castro, of Norcross; Gilberty Riviera-Alcaraz, of Lawrenceville and Jesus Hernandez-Gutierrez, of Sugar Hill.

Pedro Mendoza-Lugo of Las Vegas is charged with conspiracy to commit a crime.

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