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Thursday, October 01, 2009

Always knock on wood

Well, Karma has decided that I was a bit too cocky, when I said that life is good because our house isn't underwater.
I went into my kitchen this morning and found water dripping through the drywall ceiling. Yes, the same ceiling that I got redone last December.

I had noticed a few weeks ago that the toilet, which had a leaky flange before repair, had rotated about ten degrees. I only noticed it because it's against the wall, so I could see the difference in the gap.

Then I noticed that it moved ever so slightly when I sat down and stood up.

So LAST NIGHT, I decided that I'd be all proactive. I squirted some GREAT STUFF in a line between the tank and the wall, effectively stabilizing the tank and giving a new dimension of strength.

I noticed that the toilet is bolted to the floor with plastic bolts. That seems dumb. Every other toilet I see has steel bolts.

Even if the plumber gives me a break on the re-repair, the drywall guys are going to charge me full price.



  • As someone going through my own broken-bathroom issues, I feel for you.

    By Blogger rockygrace, at 11:33 AM  

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