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Monday, October 05, 2009

Sick Pup

Poor Susan is very sick. She's been sick all weekend. She was throwing up all day friday. Thankfully, that stopped, but she's had a high fever all weekend. She wouldn't eat anything yesterday. She didn't want to move, so we brought water to her and she's been drinking a little.
Mrs Schwartz took her to the vet this morning. Her stool is good. Her bloodwork came back good. They are X-ray-ing her to make sure none of her organs are damaged. After that, it will be antibiotics.

UPDATE 11:30AM : The X-rays came back ok. The Vet thinks it could be a blood clot or pancreatitis. They are going to keep her for the day on an IV to flush her system. If she's still ok at 6:30, we will take her home and keep an eye on her.

UPDATE 9:00PM : Mrs Schwartz is upstairs with Susan. The vet couldn't find any root cause. He gave her a shot of antibiotics and a painkiller. We took her home and have been keeping her comfortable.
Basically, she has a fever; she doesn't want to get up or move around. She just lays there, looking pathetic. We are supposed to drop her off tomorrow for more IV fluids and antibiotics. She did take a long drink from her water bowl, which is a good sign.

UPDATE 9:00AM Wednesday : Susan's fever appears to have broken. She is more alert. She mostly slept through the night. She ate some food and drank some water this morning before I left for work. She is going back to the vet today to get the IV taken out of her leg, get checked out by our vet and maybe get an antibiotic shot.

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