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Monday, January 30, 2006

Operation Fix-My-Back

This whole back thing is pissing me off, so I'm taking action. I've spent the night in the massage chair, and it seems to be working.

11 months after we got married, Mrs Schwartz got into a head-on collision with a dumb cunt that crossed the center line. The stupid bitch was a single mother with three kids, underinsured as hell. By the time we got done paying the lawyer, the private investigator to track her down (she disappeared into her small, north georgia home town), the chiropractor and miscillaneous other expenses, we had about $10,000. We spent a good chunk of it on a real chiropractor's massage chair.
Anyway, this chair is the bomb. I spent the evening watching Sahara (not a bad movie, by the way) and getting massaged. There's no question that I'm moving better. The test will be if it lasts until tomorrow morning, when I wake up.

Update: Tuesday, 7AM

My back is a little better. At least I can now walk normally, as opposed to the old-man-shuffle I was doing yesterday.


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