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Saturday, February 18, 2006

Mayor's trial and racism in Atlanta

Ex-Mayor Bill Campbell's trial continues. Currently, they are focusing on his affair with a local news anchor, Marion Brooks.

(He's married, by the way)

They went to Paris, amongst other trips. Brooks testified that the mayor paid for everything in cash. The Paris trip cost $12,000, in cash. The prosecution contends that he paid for everything in cash (from payoffs from then-city contractor United Water) to avoid a paper trail.

One of the most interesting parts of the trial is the fact that the defense team felt the need to point out that Campbell's mistress is black, like him. As you can see by her picture, that isn't obvious. They couldn't come right out and ask, so the last question they asked her was, "Ms Brooks, you say you attended college in Atlanta; which one?"

"Spelman"*, she responded.

*Spelman is an historically black college.


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