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Tuesday, January 31, 2006

Exador's Handy Household Tip #1

Immediately after rubbing IcyHot on your back, resist the urge to wipe laminate flooring dust out of your eyes. Relatively speaking, the dust really isn't that bad.


  • I once made chili and then rubbed my eye. If you are feeling anything like that, you have my utmost sympathy.

    By Blogger Aunt B, at 7:27 PM  

  • I was dicing jalapenos one day and had to take a leak. Washing my hands before touching my crank would have been the smart play. But the sign said "All employees must wash hands after using the restroom." I asked my wife, "When did you put that sign in our bathroom?"

    By Anonymous Sarcastro, at 6:20 AM  

  • I once knew a guy in high school who experimented by using IcyHot to masturbate with.

    He said at first it felt good, but soon it burned like hell and he couldn't get the stuff off.

    By Blogger Lee, at 1:21 PM  

  • Lee,

    You mean the IcyHot, right?

    Never mind. I imagine you mean both.

    By Blogger Exador, at 10:14 AM  

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