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Monday, May 08, 2006

Zachary and kids

Zachary with my niece, Harper, and my sister.

Zachary is kind of indifferent to kids. He doesn't mind them, but he doesn't get all worked up about them either. Now Montgomery, that's a dog that got worked up over kids. He loved them too, but he got so excited, I was always afraid that he would squash them by accident.
Zachary will occasionally turn to see who's petting him. He may lean in to sniff their face. That's about the extent of it.
With his bum leg, we don't really go for walks any more; we go for picnics. I took him to the neighborhood park and we sat down near one of the baseball games, so he could watch everything.
I'm still amazed at parents who let their kids approach strange dogs. About half would get clearance from me. The other half would just let their 4-yr old (or whatever) walk up with his little face right at the level of Zachary's teeth.
This one little asian boy and his sister just loved him.(is there anything cuter than little asian kids?) They'd grab his tail. He'd turn around and look at them. They'd screech and run about ten feet away, then do it all over again.
I could tell Zachary had a good time. He's on his comforter/couch, worn out



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