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Wednesday, June 21, 2006

Some folks just need a beating

Like this moron. I can't remember a better example of someone who needs to be beaten within an inch of death.

A crowd gathered to watch a group of elk.

"He continued to take his 6-year-old grandchild and push her to the elk to where she was six to eight feet from the elk,"

"The elk got extremely agitated because it did have a calf - reared up in a very defensive manner. The child was screaming and trying to run. Mr. Wellsted grabbed the child and pushed her back in front of the elk to get a picture,"

Wellsted became angry when witnesses shouted at him to get the little girl away from the elk.
"Mr. Wellsted got upset, approached one couple, struck one lady with an open hand knocking her back and then struck an elderly gentleman - age 82 - knocking him off his walker."

As Wellsted fled the scene witnesses took pictures of his car which police traced to his daughter's home in Greeley. Police arrested Wellsted Saturday morning,

"Once in the booking room he assaulted our booking officer, so he's also being charged with second degree assault on a police officer."

Wellsted, of Calimesa, California, also had an outstanding warrant for failure to appear on child abuse and assault charges in 2001.

Hopefully, one of his fellow inmates will help Harold with some schoolin'.


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