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Sunday, August 03, 2008

Sentinels of Freedom

Last night, we went to a show in Duluth, where impersonators basically reenacted a Bob Hope USO show. It was great. While there, I was handed a flier for an organization, called Sentinels of Freedom.

Holy Shit.

What a great idea, a great organization. It makes so much sense. Rather than spread their resources across the board, basically shadowing the VA, the Sentinels of freedom is a grass roots organization. Community-based, they sponsor individual veterans coming home wounded. They don't just throw money at them. They sponsor the veterans for 4 Years. They provide them with a vehicle, help them get a house, take them through job training. They help the veteran re-acclimate to civilian life.

Follow the link to see if there is a chapter in your community. You can also donate on their website.

Because Blogger sucks so bad, I can't embed their video. Follow this LINK to see it.



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