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Tuesday, April 21, 2009

Current Events

The only surviving Somali pirate is now in New York for his trial. Why the hell are we doing this? Why didn't they just kill this idiot at sea?

Diane Feinstein is in another kickback scandal. Is this even news anymore? She's a crooked scumbag. Hey California! Nice job there, dumb asses!

The news reports that some kid got is ear and scalp ripped off by a pitbull. Only after you get into the story, do you see the dog and realize it's as much pitbull as I am. Also, you find out that the hayseeds have had the dog tied up in the backyard for a month. When will these dopes learn that this is the best way to turn a dog into a killer. The parents were responsible for the dog being tied up. Their kid gets mangled. Sorry for the kid, but Darwin 1, dumbass parents 0.

PETA is protesting the chicken dance at a NASCAR event. If they were protesting it because of the sight of thousands of NASCAR fans doing the chicken dance, I'd be with them.

What the hell is a 52 year old doing stripping?

Janeane Garafalo is simply a nutjob. No link. I'm not driving this dope's name any more than that. I know it's misspelled, for the same reason.

Facebook is bad enough for mental diarrhea. Twitter is worse. Avoid it.

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  • Yes, pirate boy is inexplicably alive. Why?

    Yes, JG is a nut. I think her early movie work was funny and I like nothing better than to see her and Dennis Leary have a comic throwdown because she's quick with a line. Her political stuff? Not so much, even when I agree with her general premise.

    Yes, 52 is old for a stripper, but it's Akron. Strange things happen in Akron.

    Yes even on DF.

    Is hell freezing over? We're in total accord.

    By Blogger Bridgett, at 5:10 PM  

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