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Thursday, November 24, 2005

The American Dream

While I was on my booze run, I heard a story on NPR. The story was about a french woman that is moving to America because she can't get a job in France. You see, employers have to prove to the government that they are justified in firing a worker. The red tape is so bad that almost nobody ever gets fired. The result is that nobody ever hires anybody. What they do is hire interns. They only have to pay interns 300 euros a month, and they can fire them without the red tape. Some people work as interns for several years.
This girl had been an intern and now she wants a real job. She actually said, in her sexy french accent, "You can't pursue the American Dream without living in America".

I shit you not. That's what she said.

If we could get rid of Chirac, and put HER in charge, France might have a chance.


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