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Wednesday, March 29, 2006

Darwin Thwarted Once More!

There are now Extra Large Ambulances for those just a tad too huskie to fit in a regular ambulance.
This reminds of a story that was later confirmed by a hot nurse-type I met: Longer Hypodermic needles are now available, because the old ones just weren't long enough to make it through our fat American asses.

Do you remember that joke? I'll update it to make it time-y. A Katrina victim is sitting on his roof as the water covers his road. A truck comes by and the driver offers him a ride. "Nope. The Lord will take care of me." When the water reaches the second floor, a boat comes by. The guy refuses. "The Lord will take care of me." As the water covers the roof, a helicopter swoops down and drops a rope. The man refuses and drowns. As he enters heaven, he asks the Lord, "How could you have left me. I trusted you." The Lord says, "What more do you want? I sent a truck, a boat and a helicopter."

OK, maybe it's not that appropriate. Still a good joke.

Anyway. If you're at the point where they need a special ambulance to haul your ass away, maybe it was your time. For God's sake, people. Go for a walk once in a while!


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