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Monday, May 29, 2006

Memorial Day

We had a BBQ at work on Friday. During the picnic, the owner of the company said, "Enjoy the long weekend, but please remember what the occasion is for. Take time out to think about the men and women who have served this country. And take time to think about, and pray for, the men and women who are overseas right now."

In what has become a Memorial Day tradition at Casa del Exador, we are watching the Band of Brothers marathon. I've developed a Pavlovian response to the theme music that causes my eyes to water up.

We had purchased a new laptop for the home office, but then we found a better deal on Sunday, so we bought another one. Now we have to return the first one.
We got a laptop with a 17" screen, all the bells and whistles, including wireless internet. The extra deal is that we got, for free, a wireless router, a printer, and some kind of internet security software. All for $699. Not bad.

Update 11:35 AM:
We had the Vonage working with no trouble; however, when we installed the wireless network, the Vonage router developed an error. They refuse to play together. Both of their setups don't mention having to run from the modem to a router (wireless) to another router (Vonage). So I'm on my own.
B of B is up to the "Why we Fight" episode, where they find the concentration camps. Yikes!

Update 9:44 PM:
Ha HA! All is working. Six years of college did not go to waste.


  • Wow, I bow to you! I'm the techno-goddess in our house, and I have not achieved what you have. My Mr. has no techno skills, so all is up to me. Is the Mrs. a fan of your skills? If she isn't, she ought to be. I enjoy your sad about your dog. My boy is 11..he's a pound fella...lab/chow mix. A great fella that loves my cats.

    By Blogger Chrissykins, at 5:27 PM  

  • Thanks. Not to be sexist, but I'm very impressed by a woman techno. You're a rare breed.
    The Mrs and I are exact opposites, so yes, she is impressed by my abilities, as I am by her ability to multitask.

    Thanks about Monty. You'll be happy to know that Zachary is being spoiled more than ever, especially now that his momma is home all day.

    By Blogger Exador, at 6:36 PM  

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