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Wednesday, May 17, 2006

Senate Votes to Screw Americans

This week, my senator submitted legislation, who's stated purpose is:

To prohibit the granting of legal status, or adjustment of current status, to any individual who enters or entered the United States in violation of Federal law unless the border security measures authorized under Title I and section 233 are fully completed and fully operational.

In other words, No illegals get a change in their status until we secure the border.

It got defeated. How did your Senator vote?

Grouped By Vote Position
YEAs ---40
Alexander(R-TN) Allard(R-CO) Allen(R-VA) Bond(R-MO) Bunning(R-KY) Burns(R-MT) Burr(R-NC) Byrd(D-WV) Chambliss(R-GA) Coburn(R-OK) Conrad(D-ND) Cornyn(R-TX) Crapo(R-ID) DeMint(R-SC)
Dole(R-NC) Domenici(R-NM) Dorgan(D-ND) Ensign(R-NV) Enzi(R-WY) Frist(R-TN) Grassley(R-IA) Hatch(R-UT) Hutchison(R-TX) Inhofe(R-OK) Isakson(R-GA) Kyl(R-AZ) Landrieu(D-LA) McConnell(R-KY)
Nelson(D-NE) Roberts(R-KS) Santorum(R-PA) Sessions(R-AL) Smith(R-OR) Stabenow(D-MI) Sununu(R-NH) Talent(R-MO) Thomas(R-WY) Thune(R-SD) Vitter(R-LA) Wyden(D-OR)
NAYs ---55
Akaka(D-HI) Baucus(D-MT) Bayh(D-IN) Bennett(R-UT) Biden(D-DE) Bingaman(D-NM) Boxer(D-CA) Brownback(R-KS) Cantwell(D-WA) Carper(D-DE) Chafee(R-RI) Clinton(D-NY) Coleman(R-MN) Collins(R-ME) Craig(R-ID) Dayton(D-MN) DeWine(R-OH) Dodd(D-CT) Durbin(D-IL)
Feingold(D-WI) Feinstein(D-CA) Graham(R-SC) Hagel(R-NE) Harkin(D-IA) Inouye(D-HI) Jeffords(I-VT) Johnson(D-SD) Kennedy(D-MA) Kerry(D-MA) Kohl(D-WI) Lautenberg(D-NJ) Leahy(D-VT) Levin(D-MI) Lieberman(D-CT) Lincoln(D-AR) Lugar(R-IN) Martinez(R-FL) Menendez(D-NJ)
Mikulski(D-MD) Murkowski(R-AK) Murray(D-WA) Nelson(D-FL) Obama(D-IL) Pryor(D-AR) Reed(D-RI) Reid(D-NV) Salazar(D-CO) Sarbanes(D-MD) Schumer(D-NY) Shelby(R-AL) Snowe(R-ME) Specter(R-PA) Stevens(R-AK) Voinovich(R-OH) Warner(R-VA)
Not Voting - 5
Cochran(R-MS) Gregg(R-NH) Lott(R-MS) McCain(R-AZ)


  • Good thing that got voted down. Nowing how well the Bush administration and this Republican congress are handling Iraq and Katrina, it might take years and years to secure the border. Why back up the system more while the Republicans try to figure out more ways to funnel tax dollars to Halliburtion?

    By Blogger noneed4thneed, at 3:26 PM  

  • I see the tinfoil hat crowd is out.

    How would not changing illegals' status funnel money to Haliburton?

    Isakson's bill was specifically contingent on compliance of the measures in Title 1, section 233.

    But kooky leftwing talking points are fun too. A little "Nowledge" can be dangerous.

    By Blogger Exador, at 5:11 AM  

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