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Saturday, May 13, 2006


OK, so I'm watching the history channel and they have a show about the rapture. It got me thinking about many of the foundational tenents of the bible.

Are y'all a bunch of primitive cavemen?

Because, seriously, so much of the bible is so ridiculous, I have to wonder if you hide in the basement whenever you hear thunder.

Let's start with the basics. Scientific evidence shows that the universe is billions of years old. Our solar system is a speck on the edge of the milkyway galaxy, which is a spec on the edge of the universe.
The human race has existed for a blip of time of this planet's history, which has existed for a blip of cosmic time of the galaxy.

My own life is an infitesimally small, and insignificant, blip in the course of human history.

So if you are the supreme creator of all of this and have existed for an infinite amount of time,

why the fuck would you care if I buy beer on Sunday.

I mean, really, the whole concept is so ridiculous, that I can't believe we have to discuss it.

Forget beer, if you were that creator, why the fuck would you care if I killed everybody in the state of Georgia. Really, from that level, what difference does it make. How many thousands of people are born and die every day?

We've been looking for signs of life on other planets for a hundred years and have found nothing.

How incredibly egotistical is it to believe that the universe was created as some sort of obstacle course for us.

It's idiotic.

It made sense when we were a bunch of primitive idiots, but we now know how the earth goes around the sun, and a whole bunch of other shit that makes basic religion impossible. When are the primates going to wake up?

That's not to say that I hate some of the beneficial tenets of religion, but do we need to suck up to some great Santa Claus in the sky to practice them?


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