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Tuesday, December 27, 2005

I hate doctors

I'm so pissed off right now. As some of you may have heard, Mrs Shwartz stabbed a hole through her septum ( the tissue that seperates your nostrils). As you can imagine, this is an incredibly painful experience. If you don't believe me, then take a moment to shove your index finger up your nose to the second knuckle, hook it far as you can, and yank it back out. I'll wait.

OK. So now we're all on the same page. I can understand that the specialist that is going to repair this damage, will not be available until January 6th. I accept that anyone with the skill to perform surgery, including a skin graft, up a person's nose, is a hot commodity.

What I don't buy, is that the fucking doctor's office refuses to prescribe even minor painkillers, and I'm talking 1/4 mg lortab. It's not like we're asking for morphine.
No, these fucktards insist that they can't risk anything above Tylenol. Otherwise, she'll turn into a junkie.

How is it that the land of the free is one of the few places on earth that hourdes simple pharmaceuticals in this way? I've spoken with people from asia. With the exception of things like morphine and pharm cocaine, if you need a drug, you walk into the corner store, ask for it, and they give it to you. Simple, huh?

This is a prime example of why I am not conservative; because ignorant bible-thumping monkeys feel that they have the authority to dictate something that they know absolutely nothing about.

Why can't the government just stay the fuck out of our lives?


  • Ignorant bible-thumping conservatives don't believe in monkeys.

    Or something like that.

    Condolences to the Mrs. Although pharm cocaine wouldn't really help her particular condition if you think about it.

    By Anonymous Sarcastro, at 1:54 PM  

  • Fortunately, the black market is there to fill in the gap.

    By Blogger Exador, at 9:25 AM  

  • I can't believe I missed a chance to have a perfectly good rant?!?!!!!

    Try being someone who has had YOUR FUCKING DOCTOR tell you that you aren't taking enough pain medication and that he will give you up to 12 Lortab a month. Then when you call HIS FUCKING NURSE she won't call in the perscription because she thinks that you MIGHT GET ADDICTED.

    Keep in mind that THE MAN WITH THE MEDICAL DEGREE has already HAD A 15 MINUTE DISCUSSION WITH YOU, THE PATIENT, and said that you need to increase your dosage. You are only calling for the dosage the doctor told you to take.

    There's been all this shit in the women's magazines and stuff about how addictive Hydrocodone (the narcotic in Lortab) is, and how all these housewives are addicted to it. So now someone with A REAL, HONEST TO GOD NEED FOR PAIN MANAGEMENT can't get THEIR FUCKING DRUGS AS PERSCRIBED BY THEIR DOCTOR.

    I absolutely hate this shit, and I hate how someone who just needs to control their pain can't even do that without some busybody up in their business. and on that note, allow me to add that I don't care if some hillbilly wants to brew up meth in his trailer. Fine. Whatever. Let him do it. Why the HOLY FUCK do I have to show my driver's license and sign a piece of paper for SUDAFED?

    Bible-belief has nothing to do with it. I believe in the Bible. Hence I believe there are consequences. Between you and God. Since it's God's business to deal with you, then whatever the hell you wanna do is between you and whatever consequences befall you. You wanna do drugs? fine. You wanna fuck sheep? Fine. I don't care. I wanna be able to walk upright? Fine. Let me take my fucking drugs as prescribed. Thanks.

    By Blogger Kat Coble, at 10:16 AM  

  • Sorry, Kat, but your libertarian ways are sorely in the minority of your demographic, as defined by religious conviction.

    By Blogger Exador, at 5:10 PM  

  • Sometimes, I think it's true that doctors has too much control....

    Yes, they should just be called "Higher Beings" (Not bringing in any religion, cause the blog is not about religion)

    I'm Diabetic and want another opinion. I couldn't get it because by signing my life away and branding my "Higher Being" to be just the only BEING that can manage my LIFE! I couldn't go to another doctor without feeling like I'm going through some affair. I just want to better my life with more guidence and of course, as intellegent as I am with out a PHD or ABCDEFGs... up my other hole, second opinions are greatly appreciated.

    Unfortunately, most doctors dislikes patients that did not sign their life to them. If I ever need an advice. I am always stuck with one BEING's opinion and because that's the only ONE BEING that can see me.... I can only see the specialist that only this BEING knows and THINK that is good for me. It feels as if doctors are like mothers because they went to school for being a mother? Why do they have this kind of control over my life? It's not by choice I am diabetic, and it's not fun being one either. Please stop being "Your 10 mins are up, I'll see you in 2 weeks dicks" and start useing their PHDs and ABCDEFGs! .....

    So what if I signed my life to this ONE doctor! Why can't other doctors be more professional and just try to heal me!? It's better off to "Internet" myself back to health! "Thanks Google for all your hard work! Thanks Heathline for providing me such great care! "Stupid Stupid Canadian I Don't Care About Your Health but I LOVE your MONEY Health System!!!

    Yeah it's free, but we paid tax!!!
    Yeah it's free, but we work more day and night just to pay you MORE TAX!
    Yeah it's free, but you know what.. I rather pay for my Health, get my tax portion back for not truely utilizing every penny of it and since I'm paying, I get to choose who I want to heal me and start feeling like a HIGHER BEING MYSELF!

    I don't hate doctors, but I just absolutely LOATH their attitude towards their patients/money/ money ...... money... and the system.

    By Anonymous Anonymous, at 6:12 PM  

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