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Friday, March 31, 2006

What's good for the goose...

We've all heard the semi-annual story of the housewife that goes on strike because she's Oh so underappreciated. Now there's a story out about a husband doing the same.
James Wilson says that his wife lets the kids sleep in their bedroom (creepy enough already) and that he gets no "alone time" with her, a.k.a. pussy, action, the humpdy dance.
He's climbed up on his roof with a sign, announcing how he's not getting any. He even started a webpage, Although, when I tried to access the website, nothing came up, except the generic "do you want to search these related topics?", one of which is wifeswapping, which this guy might want to think about.

Personally, I think if it were me, my breadwinning would start going into a seperate account and I'd start intoducing my wife to my new female "friends".

His wife's response to all this? “You know what? He’ll live,” she said.

Yeah, newly single.


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