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Sunday, July 02, 2006

Holiday Update

We went to Athens, GA for the day yesterday. I love the college-town feel of downtown Athens. It also holds a place in my heart because it was the first place I went to in GA, back when I was about 19. My friend, Eric, was going to school in Virginia, but he had transferred to SUNY Cortland, in Cortland, NY. My friends and I went for a roadtrip for Christmas break, to help him move his stuff from his apartment in Virginia. In a testament to poor geographical education, we decided that 'since we were already practically in GA' (in Virginia) we might as well pop down and visit (a mutual friend) in Athens.
We left several feet of snow in NY, and it was gradually getting warmer, but the day we arrived in Athens, the weather had suddenly turned freakishly warm, like in the 70s, in December. The natives loved it too. We came into town and drove up sorority row. All the sorority girls were tanning in their front yards or jogging in spandex. We all decided that Athens, GA was the gateway to heaven.
That was the first time I saw the GA state flag, although I didn't know it was the state flag at the time. I just remember being shocked, SHOCKED I tell you, that they were flying the Confederate flag over a state school.
The drinking began soon after. We befriended a gorgeous blond coed that lived in a former slave cabin.
Details are sketchy, but I remember looking down the street and seeing my friend stumble into barrier chain that was about two feet off the ground and marked the perimeter of a parking lot. He tripped over the chain and fell face-first into the front bumper of a parked car. We went to retrieve him. As we pulled him off the concrete, he said, "You guys! I just got hit by a car!"

After Mrs Schwartz and I did some drinking and some shopping, we wandered onto the campus, and laid down beneath the big oaks and magnolias. She claims that she stayed up while I slept for 45 minutes. This is, as yet, unconfirmed. All I know is that I woke up before she did.
I bought her a charm bracelet. She picked out some cool charms, and seems to really like it.


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