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Tuesday, April 28, 2009

Buy Stock in Battery Companies

You may recall, I did a post on the pitfalls of electric vehicles. The major one being the batteries that would be required.
According to NPR's series on the power grid, The Messiah also wants more green energy, like wind and solar.
The big problem is that wind and solar aren't reliable or consistent. This means your lights would be constantly getting brighter and darker; your electronics would be having a fit. In a word, unworkable.
The only solution to this is to store some of that power, so that the grid can smoothly ride through the valleys. The most likely source of that storage would be batteries.

"You put a large number of small batteries around a neighborhood," Gyuk says, "just like the neighborhood transformers — just a little green box that's innocuous."

By small, he means about the size of the battery in a hybrid car, and it would be hooked up to the grid.

They didn't say how many batteries would be needed, but a safe bet would be that the number would be in the thousands. Manufacturing and disposal? We'll worry about that later. By the way, batteries don't live very long in hot environments, so if you want any longevity, look to be putting those batteries in air conditioned sheds.

Remember! It's all for the environment!

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