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Friday, June 05, 2009

Well, That's Wierd

The big story around town is about this woman who got kidnapped, hauled off to Tennessee and raped in a remote cabin, before being saved by the pizza delivery man.

The story was right out of a horror movie.

Then it got reported that the woman knew her rapist.

Then it got reported that she had two previous convictions of falsely reporting being raped, and was still on probation for the second one.

The we found out that she knew her rapist from when she worked at Tattletales (a local strip club) and he was a patron.

Now evidence is surfacing that the "rapist"'s story might be true. The two are dating and she is into bondage and rape/kidnap role playing.

Just another little reminder for the folks who think that no one should question the evidence when a woman accuses rape.

UPDATE: The woman's own mother says she lying.

The Atlanta stripper’s troubles started when she was young, family members said. She spent time in and out of youth detention facilities and mental institutions, her mother said.

When she was 15, family members said the alleged victim set her uncle’s Locust Grove home on fire - while her mother and brother were asleep inside.

Several months later, she set fire to several trash cans inside an Early County church, causing damage throughout the building, Tye-Carter said.

“She wasn’t allowed in church without parents,” the mother said.

She also was sent to counseling after locking her younger sister in a closet, which she set on fire, Tye-Carter said. That was in addition to trying to drown her sister in a bathtub full of scalding water, Tye-Carter said. Each time, family members rescued the little sister.

As she grew older, doctors diagnosed the alleged victim with psychological problems and seizures, for which they prescribed medication, her mother said.

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