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Thursday, May 14, 2009

Oh, Goody

In local news,

Feds seize $6 million of meth, disrupting Mexican pipeline.
(Yes, just about 2 miles from my house)

The Drug Enforcement Administration seized approximately 351 pounds of Mexican crystal methamphetamine in Gwinnett County in the largest seizure recorded on the East Coast.

Charged with felony trafficking are Jose Rafael Lopez-Jimenez, 34; Gerardo Antonio Urena-Esquivel, 35; Luis Naranjo-Leon, 23; and Hugo Flores Rios, 29. All are Mexican natives (Illegals) and are being held without bond in the Gwinnett County jail.

Although officials have ruled out any connection between this bust and a quadruple shooting Monday down the street from the Buckingham Place home, that investigation continues, Benson said.

****More on THAT story here*****

Gwinnett police seek shooters after botched drug deal

Officers said they found three males inside the house with gunshot wounds.

One of those victims, according to neighbors, fled the house and collapsed in a nearby yard. His hands were tied behind his back and he was shouting for help, neighbors said.

The other two other victims were taken out of the house on stretchers. Their conditions were unknown, Spellman said.

Another person with gunshot wounds went to Gwinnett Place mall with a friend. He was found dead in the parking lot near Macy’s, Spellman said.

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  • Eh, the biggest drug traffickers in Albany were doing business two doors down from my house. Luckily, neither junkies nor those who cater to their needs are all that subtle. A little wiretapping by the Verizon van that was always "repairing something" down the block, a six am bust complete with a bust bus and drug dogs, and it was all over but the jail time.

    None of the felons were Mexicans -- just good old home grown white men and a passel of black twelve-year-olds on BMX bikes that they were using as runners.

    By Blogger Bridgett, at 9:30 AM  

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