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Thursday, May 31, 2007

WonderWoman and the Phallic Menace

This cracked me up. Who didn't love WonderWoman? Between the outfit and the Golden Larriot of truth, there was something for everyone. She came from a mystical island of beatiful women, for cryin' out loud.

Somebody, with too much time on his hands, compiled a gallery of early WonderWoman comic books, and has deduced a common thread. Follow the link to see.

*Hat tip to Attu


Tuesday, May 29, 2007

The Orwellian Candidate

If you've read Orwell, these statements from a recent speech by Hillary Rodham-not-Rodham Clinton, should feel familiar:

"There is no greater force for economic growth than free markets. But markets work best with rules that promote our values, protect our workers and give all people a chance to succeed," she said. "Fairness doesn't just happen. It requires the right government policies."

Clinton also said she would help people save more money by expanding and simplifying the earned income tax credit; create new jobs by pursuing energy independence; and ensure that every American has affordable health insurance.

The Democratic senator said what the Bush administration touts as an "ownership society" really is an "on your own" society that has widened the gap between rich and poor.
"I prefer a 'we're all in it together' society," she said. "I believe our government can once again work for all Americans. It can promote the great American tradition of opportunity for all and special privileges for none."


Tuesday, May 22, 2007

Follow the Pachouli and B.O.

German authorities use scent tracking to keep tabs on G-8 protesters

May 22 2007, 16:04
BERLIN (AP) - German authorities are using scent tracking to keep tabs on possibly violent protesters against next month's Group of Eight summit - a tactic that is drawing comparisons with the methods of former East Germany's secret police.
Scent samples have been taken from an undisclosed number of people believed to be a possible danger to the upcoming summit so that police dogs can pick out the perpetrators if there is violence, the Hamburger Morgenpost reported Tuesday.
Andreas Christeleit, a spokesman for federal prosecutors, confirmed the report but would give no further details.
"This has happened to several suspects," he said.
The use of scent samples was widely known to be practiced in Germany by the East German secret police, the Stasi, who used the technique to track dissidents.
Petra Pau, a senior lawmaker with the opposition Left Party, a group that includes ex-communists, criticized the practice as "another step away from a democratic state of law toward a preventive security state."
"A state that adopts the methods of the East German Stasi, robs itself of every ... legitimacy," she said in a statement.
Violence has marred past summits, particularly in 2001 in Genoa, Italy, when police and protesters clashed in the streets for days. German authorities are increasing security before the June 6-8 summit in the northern resort town of Heiligendamm.
German Chancellor Angela Merkel is hosting the event, and the leaders of the United States, Russia, Britain, France, Italy, Canada, and Japan are to attend.
Earlier this month, police raided 40 offices and apartments used by left-wing protesters in Berlin, Hamburg and elsewhere, which provoked protests.
Prosecutors at the time said they were investigating more than 18 people suspected of organizing what they called a terrorist group that planned to carry out firebombings and other violent attacks aimed at hindering or stopping the world leaders from holding the summit.
Andreas Blechschmidt, whose Rote Flora - or Red Flora - protest organization's building in Hamburg was among those raided, vowed Tuesday not to be deterred.
"The countrywide raids from early May served only to intimidate," he said.
Police in Berlin are also investigating about a dozen car burnings over the past two weeks. The daily Tageszeitung newspaper said Tuesday it received a letter from the leftist group "mg" - standing literally for "militant group" - claiming responsibility as retaliation for the raids.
Interior Minister Wolfgang Schaeuble has also said that anti-globalization activists deemed to be "potentially violent" may be detained for up to two weeks during the summit in so-called "preventative detention."
A $17 million fence has been built around Heiligendamm in an attempt to keep protesters away. Security officials also have also announced tighter border controls.


Saturday, May 19, 2007

News Bytes

Does anybody give a shit what happens at Cannes? I recommend everyone read "Do as I say, not as I do". It has a chapter on that lying, fat fuck, and what an exploitive hypocrite he is.

Yes, we know that the demagogues on the left and the right both hate the immigration bill, but wouldn't be better to just focus on the details of the bill, when reporting the news?

AGAIN, just when I think that Jimmah 'Jihad' Carter could not sink any lower, he proves me wrong.

So Jimmah, you think that every president from Nixon until now has demonstrated a reversal of America's basic values?
I remember your administration: 17% mortgage rates, gas lines, the Iranian hostages.
Given the choice between your 'American values' and the alternative, I'll take the alternative. You are, and always have been, an ignorant, pussy peanut farmer that would have never been elected, if not for the electorates' revulsion of Nixon (and Ford for pardoning him) and their extensive use of recreational narcotics. Please shut up, and quietly flagellate your dumb, hillbilly ass for having lustful thoughts, you fucking simpleton.
Ahhh, I feel better.

Why does it make news every time a member of congress uses a curse word? I expect them to curse at each a little when they are arguing over important stuff. Jeebus, they're grown-ups. I think they can take it.

Iran thinks we should leave Iraq? What a shocker! In other news, scientists have discovered that water is wet!

Finally, other scientists are making it into the news, rejecting the Global Warming scam. Hopefully, we will all wake up to this farce, before Al Gore cashes in and buys his own island.

Am I alone in thinking that the only solution to the Israeli-Palestinian conflict is for the Israelis to enact a long term program for slowly wiping out the Palestinians? Hey, I don't like it either, but it's the only way. I would recommend something sterilizing in the water supply.

I bought a 'yard' of dirt today. Nobody explains this to you, so I will. What that means is a cubic yard. 3' x 3' x 3'. I discovered that, while this doesn't seem like much dirt, it is a quite a bit for my little Nissan Frontier pickup. I felt like I was driving a boat, with the way it was swaying on the road.

There's nothing cuter than when Zachary chases flies. He is so focused on the hunt, it's hysterical.

I recently bought this at Brookstones, so now I get the catalog. It's yuppie heaven.

Bridget reminded me that the dirty stuff at Brookstone is here.

Friday, May 18, 2007

Tomorrow is going to hurt

I FINALLY went back to the gym today. I haven't gone in about 6 weeks. I can barely type this from the hand tremors.
That's my biggest problem with fitness; I'm inconsistent. I'll go every day for a couple of months, then I'll barely go, or not at all, for the same amount of time.
The problem is that, when you don't go, that first week is a literal pain.

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Wednesday, May 16, 2007

Zach at work, day 2

The newness has thankfully worn off, as well as my concern that he's getting into trouble. I suspect this is what parenting is like. We supplemented the fun of the office with a lunchtime trip to Burger King and Home Depot. Big Fun, but tiring.

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Thomas Sowell has an interesting article out, where he ponders an interesting question.

The left gets so worked up over excessively high CEO pay, but has no problem with the even more-undeserved, excessive pay of professional athletes, Hollywood actors, or other 'celebrities'.


Quote of the Day

Isn't calling illegal aliens "workers" something like calling bank robbers "tellers?"

Neal Boortz

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Tuesday, May 15, 2007

Zachary goes to Work!

Mrs Schwartz is in Philadelphia for training until Thursday. In the past, that meant that Zachary was stuck inside the house all day. I mentioned it to my boss, and he said, "Just have him come in here."

He's been pretty good. He keeps going into the sales department, which kind of worries me.


Monday, May 14, 2007

Bite Me

I'm currently engrossed in an ongoing battle royale with the old lady, so there's not much to post.
Also, I'm still battling that F-ing virus, which I haven't had adequate time to attack, due to {see above}
A couple things on that. I just discovered that my Windows XP cd is damaged. There's a scratch on it, and when I try to reload Windows, it tells me something.sys file is damaged and it bails out of the install.
I think the losers that I bought my pc from, loaded their copy of Windows on it when they were troubleshooting it, the first week I had it. My Product ID number has "OEM" instead of three of the middle numbers. This also prevents me from getting tech support.

Even my own mother, whom I called on Mother's Day, told me, "Just treat yourself and buy a new computer". I accused her of siding with my wife over her own son.

I've been pretty critical of MicroSoft, but I've got to give them credit. When I called for telephone support, they quickly patched me through to "Product Replacement", and they are shipping me a new CD tomorrow.

Friday, May 04, 2007

What we can expect from the Democrats

According to the Washington Times, democrats in the House are trying to divert Intelligence funds into studying Global Warming.
The Intelligence Authorization Bill is up before the Permanent Select Committee on Intelligence, which now has a democrat majority.
Intelligence panel Chairman Silvestre Reyes, Texas Democrat, said the climate-change study is one of several shifts his party has made to intelligence policy. "We're concerned that global warming might impact our ability to maintain national security," he told The Times, describing the idea as "cutting edge."

What a dope.

In Massachusetts, they are cracking down on dogs.

“You can’t allow people to be afraid all the time,” said Avril T. Elkort, vice chairwoman of the Canton Board of Selectmen, where a new ordinance limits residents to one pit bull per household. “It was a public safety issue.”

Meanwhile, state Rep. Martin Walsh is howling mad about dogs running wild inside moving cars and is considering filing legislation requiring drivers to buckle up their canines. “When I drive down the road and I see a dog running around the car, particularly on the lap and front seat, that’s crazy,” said the Dorchester Democrat.
State legislators will hold a hearing later this month on whether to outlaw pit bulls, though Walsh said lawmakers hope to look into broader issues regarding dog safety.
State Rep. Vincent Pelone said the state may consider either banning pit bulls outright or requiring owners to get training or a dangerous dog license.
“If you want to own a pit bull, which in my estimation can be the same as owning a weapon, the owner and the dog should receive training,” said the Worcester Democrat.


Wednesday, May 02, 2007

Cool Alarm Clocks

American Inventor has alarm clocks for people who can't wake up. I think if I owned one, I'd end up smashing it pretty quickly:

The shocking alarm clock.
In order to turn it off, you have to withstand an electric shock.

The Flying Alarm Clock.

The propeller driven module spins off the base unit each time the alarm goes off. The alarm won't turn off until you retrieve the propeller and put it back on the base. This means you have to get out of bed and search for the propeller, which may have landed anywhere.

The Puzzle Alarm Clock

It wakes you up by firing four puzzle pieces up in the air. The alarm won't turn off until you retrieve them and return them to their correct location.

The Danger Bomb Alarm Clock
It looks like a bomb. In order to stop the alarm, you have to disconnect the right cable (which is randomly decided every day)

Tuesday, May 01, 2007

Life update.

Not much going on, but I haven't posted anything in a while. My computer still has that damn virus (I think). Nothing comes up in the virus scan (thanks Nortons!) but I can see wierd processes running, and my processor and memory are suddenly being consumed by something.
I tried to re-install Windows over the weekend and it actually told me that it wouldn't install it because the version of Windows on the disk is older that the version that is running. I guess I shouldn't have installed all those patches and upgrades that Microsoft tells me to install.
The only boot devices I have are USB, but my bios is so old, it won't boot from USB. I'm have to make up a DOS boot disk. Haven't done that in a while.

Aikido is good. We had a demonstration at Brenau University last Saturday. It was a chance for Mrs Schwartz to meet everybody.

We got the first season of 24 from Netflix. I hadn't seen it, so we were locked into that on Sunday, while the sun shined outside.

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